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For those people on regular medication our pharmacists can carry out a Medication Use Review which is an NHS service. This involves a brief chat with the pharmacist who will go through your medication to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit. We discuss when the medication is taken, your understanding of your medication and also whether you are experiencing any issues with your medicines such as side-effects etc. Why not ask for a review next time you are in the pharmacy.

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For those patients discharged from Hospital we provide another NHS service called the Discharge Medication Service. There is a great deal of evidence to show that discharge from hospital can lead to medication errors. Quite often the first prescription received on discharge may have inadvertently not captured the changes made in the hospital. The Discharge Medication Service involves the hospital providing the patient with a medication summary on discharge which should be handed to the pharmacist. We can then check this against the first prescription you receive from your GP to ensure that you get the correct medicines. If you are a patient in hospital it is important that you ask the hospital for the discharge letter when you leave and remember to inform us that you have been in hospital.

Another important NHS service is Emergency Contraception. The service is provided confidentially in our private consultation room and we have both male and female pharmacists trained to provide this service.

Flu vaccination is provided annually, usually from 1st October through to the end of February although it is best to receive your vaccination in October. For those eligible we can provide the service on the NHS and for those not eligible for the NHS service we can do so privately.

Whilst we enjoy seeing our customers/patients in the pharmacy we realize that a great deal of you are housebound due to age and/or poor health. Indeed there are also those who lead busy lives and are unable to attend the pharmacy. Out of sight is not out of mind in our books and we are pleased to provide a prescription delivery service using one of our 3 delivery vehicles. Our delivery drivers are as important to us as are our shop based staff and are all trained to ensure that our commitment to customer service does not stop at our front door but is transferred to your doorstep as well. To arrange a prescription delivery you just need to pick up the phone or contact us through this website.

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